Who had tampon questions?

Starrz Mom :)

They sometimes tend to stick so they can be a bit uncomfortable to insert. In bathroom stall you could always just quickly pop the end of the tampon in your mouth to moisten it before inserting it into your vagina. It makes it easier to slide in. ( think penis - dry and with no lube can be uncomfortable if not aroused.)
And don’t leave tampons in all day!! Change every couple hours and wear them as little time as possible. Toxic shock syndrome is real!

As a side note: menstrual products are not regulated. At least they weren’t last time I checked. That means anyone can sell anything for you to shove up your wahoo. Literally. So be careful! Our body was made to let that stuff flow out of us naturally. Hence, for millennia women have used items outside our bodies to sop it up. AND we have honoured our “ moon time.” That is when we are at our most “powerful” anal most “connected” to the earth. Women are life givers. That is a major gift! As such we should be honoured for it. Modern times have changed a period to something shameful, when indeed it’s the greatest gift the creator could have bestowed upon another being. So, be proud of your period. And be careful what you put up in there!
Seriously, tho, if you are going to wear tampons, only wear them for the “event” you want covered for then get changed into a pad and let your body clean itself out naturally. It’s made to do it.

And don’t douche either!! If you got smelly issues, you need to see your doctor and find out why. Could even be the food you are eating, or how much penis you are taking on, or an allergy to the condom! Or sensitivity to the lube, or something. Semen changes your ph. And an unhealthy ph, creates too much growth down there. Look online for natural help. AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR!! Yogurt is one, smear it on there. It cools it down and helps a lot. Preferably plain yogurt cuz flavoured yogurt has sugar and all sorts of extras in it. But if you are on fire down there, any yogurt helps as you wait to see the dr during drs hours.

Back to tampons: I know plastic is easier to insert, but think about your environment. At least 1/4 of the plastic items I pick up off of the beach are used plastic tampon inserts. GROSS!! Cardboard applicator work just as well with a little saliva on the end to insert them.

Menstrual cup: Even better, at a one time more costly fee are mensural cups that you insert, that sit cupped around your cervix, that catch the menses blood and that you reach in and take out and then dump out the blood in the toilet. Wash off and then reinsert. A bit harder to use and get the hang of at school, but definitely worth looking into. As well as reusable menstrual pads that simply go into the wash after you have used it. There are tons of different brands out there. You likely have to find these things online. If you sew, you can sew the pads yourself. I did.

Side note: hydrogen peroxide on blood will clean it up if it’s fresh. It will bubble and clean up the blood stain and whiten your sheets, undies, clothing, or furniture. So does warm, body temperature water, and salt. (NOT hot or cold. Those will set the stain.). Every girl needs to know this!

Not so complicated. :)

Amazing Anne

Thank you for writing that cause this is super helpful!


Ummm...DO NOT stick your tampon in your mouth before putting it in your vagina!!!! This is HORRIBLE advice and DANGEROUS. The bacteria in your mouth should not be inserted into your vagina and near cervix to stay and cultivate for hours.
I cannot believe you are telling people to do this. Please STOP.


This was super helpful! Thanks!