Software for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches and Personal Computers

Health And Fitness Applications

menstruation and ovulation calendar by efracsmart diet tracker and diary by efrac

Our popular health and fitness applications are: period calendar, diet diary, applications useful for fitness training (Push-Ups, Crunches, My Interval Timer), condition tracking software (e.g. Blood Pressure Diary). Our period tracker contains a period tracker forum.

Mobile Chromatic Instrument Tuner

mobile chromatic instrument tuner by efrac mobile chromatic instrument tuner by efrac - second screenshot

EFRAC Spreadsheet

spreadsheet for mobile phones and devices, screenshot 1

A simple spreadsheet application for Kindle and other mobile devices. Features: formulas with relative and absolute references, cell formatting, linear charts.


Our –•– (Dash Dot Dash) app can be used to create home screen widgets.

Action / Arcade Games

Jump as high as possible in Extra Jump game, fly the helicopter and avoid the obstacles in Destination: Cave game.