Want to concieve - What should I do to get pregnant


What should I do to get pregnant


Have unprotected sex especially when you ovulating.

Ollies mama

Have unprotected sex in the days leading up to ovulation and on ovulation


Have sex on your fertile days!!


A week after your period ends have unprotected intercourse! Fact works from experience !


The best way is to not have ant intercourse whilst in ur period because it can become very messy so the best thing to do is to wait a week or so after ur period has finally finished and then when u start ovulating that’s when ur most fertile so then u may have unprotected intercourse as much as possible until that part of ur cycle ends and then leave it for about an hour or two and take a pregnancy test and wait then see what result u get and if it’s the answer u want which would be positive then wait for a couple more hours and then take the pregnancy test again just to make sure and then yh. Btw u would recommend the clear blue pregnancy test that would be the best choice but it’s ur choice. ☺️☺️☺️


Ovulation typically occurs 14 days before your next period. If your irregular you can track your fertile days with OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kits) I recommend purchasing off Amazon in bundle, that way you can test more often. Good luck!!


Have sex without protection.


Wait until a stork delivers a baby to your doorstep😂

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Eat healthy stay away from papayas alcohol drugs birth control, drink water track your ovulation and have unprotected sex closer to the ovulation days.