Trouble getting pregnant


Hi ladies. I came off the Depo injection in September hoping to get pregnant in December. So I know we have only been trying to conceive for 1 month but yesterday I got my period and I was honestly sooo sad!! How do you deal with this feeling when you know your not pregnant 😒


it's hard, i know. sorry this wasn't your month. but there's always next month! maybe try journaling your feelings or doing something you enjoy. just don't stress, even tho it's hard not to. ❀️


Hi there,
I've been trying for 6 months and still nothing. But on the plus side I've only been tracking my ovulation day with those sticks for 3 months. I highly recommend that method because you feel more aware of the best time to go for it! Good luck to all of us!


Hi Misscrispy what strips r u toking about?


@Missycrisy24... soz for the typo


Thank you so much Jay!
@missycrissy24 I have just got some ovulation strips so will defs be trying them this month!! Hope we both have good luck this month ❀️


Im on TTC for 3 mos and still no luck, Its so depressing bec im even tracking my ovulation period yet still nothing. Any suggestions guys..


Hi does this cost ones and we redo I go


My friend had the shot and when she got off of it she was pregnant in a mount and had been on the shot for years. One of her friends was on the shot for around the same amount of time and she didn't get pregnant for a whole year so it all depends on the way your hormones work and how your body reacts!!


I got me period again yesterday 😒 so gutted once again!


I have been trying for 6 years. Periods regular as clockwork. I have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". I am now 41 and know it is likely never to happen. I can't afford ivf and not entitled on NHS as my partner has a son. Considering I have been trying all this time not once have I ever had to do a pregnancy test. It gets no easierπŸ˜”


I was on the shot for a year and when I got off of it I couldn't get pregnant for 13 months.


I've been off the depo shot for six years and I haven't been able to get pregnant yet. I've been trying since I have been off of the shot and even more so since I lost my son last year. Is there anything that just might help? Yes I have my cycle regularly like clock work.


Still trying and it's been 8 months! Went to the gyno and she said everything is fine so I'm still hoping! Never been pregnant so I'm desperate!


Can you still get pregnant at early 40s n can u get pregnant when u had I intercourse a day before your period .