Could I be pregnant?


I'm due my period today, but I have a strange feeling it isn't going to come... I'm usually as regular as clockwork and experience painful cramps in the lead up. This time around I haven't had cramps (v unusual) and have been feeling very nauseous all week, with headaches, and very tender boobs / nipples (again, not something I usually experience with my period). I just feel generally under the weather..and my tummy doesn't feel quite 'right'. I'm in a long term relationship, and we occasionally have unprotected sex... (withdrawal method! 🙈) I just have a very weird feeling that I am pregnant.... could it be!?


Take a pregnancy test asap (:


It really depends when you had Sex
And depends whether you had sex in your fertile window

Any time the penis is inside of you there is always a high risk. Withdrawal isn't an effective form of birth control as pre ejaculate fluid can also have traces of sperm in it if your partner had a previous ejaculation. Sperm can still be in his urethra.

I would take a test. If it's negative, it's probably down to stress of being pregnant.
Try to relax. Alot of PMS symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms. In my last cycle I had extreme back aches, sore boobs and had some nausea too.

(Pregnancy tests tend to be accurate around 21 days after unprotected sex)


Thanks ladies 😊 I took a test and it was negative xx