Best period info


Hi I just wanted to share this with everybody these are my bona fide best tips for your period cycle

It's best to use pads and you have to change them every four hours because the blood starts to get old and sticking on you it will cause older so always change your pad and underwear.

If you have to use tampons only use regular or light and change it at least every two hours or three hours if you use heavier tampons you usually won't soak through the whole thing and that is not good or gets uncomfortable to remove that's why it's best to use regular or light tampons if need be and change it every two or three hours and change your underwear twice a day at least.

Do not use menstrual cups they are very unnatural because that blood is supposed to leave your body not stay inside in your vaginal walls ! over time you will develop an odor that you will not smell but other people will smell it trust me. You can smell when someone has been using menstruation cups and it is unpleasant and unnatural odor of sitting stale blood in the vaginal canal where it does not belong it must pass through your body!

Make sure you wash really well no soap ! plenty of warm water. The best way to wash is with A jar or pitcher or large cups of water pouring over your vagina not into your vagina. Use a lot of water take your time 5 to 10 minutes is very good fresh water cleansing. If you do soap make sure it's not scented fragrance free sensitive wash specifically for feminine use to prevent irritation or dryness and only use it no more then three or four times a week if at all.

When your period is over never douche never douche never ever douche instead you can add a capful of apple cider vinegar to a liter of water and after washing with warm water wash with that mixture of apple cider vinegar and water pour it in your hands and clean your vulva and do a finger swipe with it after your period is helpful if you have odor or discomfort or itching make sure you don't ever tell me a vagina with polish chipping off with your finger nails and make sure your fingernails are super clean all the time.

I like to do this before and after my period a vaginal steam it is very relaxing and relieves bloating. All you have to do is boil a pot of water throw in some cinnamon some garlic some lemon and any other sweet herbs and fruits and you can get a contractor bucket put a towel on the rim and sit on the steam for about 20 to 30 minutes make sure to get plenty of towels and be careful not to burn your self from the steam or the boiling water when you're done pour the water down the toilet wrap yourself up in the towels around your belly and your lower back and go straight to bed you will be so refreshed in the morning for your workout and for a great day !

Drink a lot of water with lemon to constantly cleanse your system.

Try not to drink cold water , either room temperature or cool water is best. When you drink tea don't put any sugar in it ever! Don't drink any soda except for ginger ale ever!

Learn how to do a yogurt treatment use plain yogurt with no fruit no flavor no sugar. This will make your vagina very happy !

Eat vegetables and fruits every day and drink a lot of water and exercise every day when you wake up.

Have a happy period and always celebrate your beauty and your strong magical femininity ❤️


Hi thanks for sharing and these are some interesting tips! I think changing a tampon every 2 hours is excessive though, and how often you change is going to depend on the person and their flow. Also I use a menstrual cup and it works great for me, and claiming it's "unnatural " sounds like a way of justifying that you just don't like it. It's a great option for many people! I love the sharing and positivity and I'm just posting to add my own two cents ❤️

Maitane -BlueThunder YT-

I see u don’t like menstrual cups is not “unnatural” it’s actually a good way to reduce trash in the world because woman periods make a lot of trash. It’s new technology darling if u don’t like them it’s fine.


Yeah I mean most of that’s great advice but menstrual cups are fine...


Well I think it’s false about the cups. That is just my own opinion! I’ve been using cups for so many years now. I don’t let my period blood get trapped or stay trapped on my vagina walls. Using the cup it allows my period blood to flow into the cup & every tine I use the bathroom to urinate I would ALWAYS make sure I empty it out and wash myself with st. Ives specifically made for washing my vagina. I’ve never had an odor and don’t plan on having one. I get regular check ups and Pap smears every year. My gynecologist says I’m healthy down there and that everything is great! Maybe for some females l, the cup is not for them. But I speak for myself when I say that... I’ve been a cup user for years and absolutely LOVE IT! I feel it just depends on the person and what they are comfortable in using during their period cycle & to make sure you take care of your vagina while on you period as well as off. And to practice cleanliness ESPECIALLY period times! That’s all.