Nonstop Heavy Menstruation


Hi, so today is my 14th day of my menstrual period and I’m kinda bothered for days now because I keep on bleeding heavy flow. I don’t know if that’s normal or what. This is the first time it happened.

I change my 10 hour All nighter pad 2-3x a day. And it’s always full. So I’m bothered if this would lead me to being anemic. 😭

I just had my blood test 4 days ago but idk why the results haven’t come yet.

Hoping someone could help me here. Will do appreciate it a lot. Thank you in advance! 😔


Well it’s been awhile... is it still going? If so, plz go see a doctor.


Go see a gynecologist? Or write in a journal what you do like do you exercise, or do you have intercourse, etc. things that may cause you to have heavy flow


I have bled worse than that for the last 30 years. It makes me tired and sore. Yes, I recommend seeing a doctor, but if you can’t I can certainly give some tips. Set a schedule to change your feminine products so you don’t overflow, eat iron rich foods about a week before menstruation and during, and be prepared to be weak and tired the whole time.