Cramps - Is it normal for you to have really bad cramps, and you are not on your period?


Is it normal for you to have really bad cramps, and you are not on your period?




Yes, this is very normal!! This can also mean your period is coming so look out, ok? :)


Yes it is very normal, like today I had cramps and my period doesn’t start till thr Thursday after this coming Thursday and I had cramps.


Yes, it’s very normal it’s just a sign that ur period I coming up helped this helped u babes



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It probably means it is coming soon. I started to get cramps often and then soon after I got my period. Hope this was helpful 😊


I get really bad cramps too

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Very much so


You may get cramps when you are ovulating.


Yes it is. I get cramps a week before my period and during. It’s normal, it sucks but you’re fine. But if you really want to know, check with your doctor.


it is normal for everyone to have cramps and sometimes they may be really bad but bearable. medicine intended for cramps specifically usually helps but ever body is different. on he other hand, you’ll have every few women have severe cramps that don’t respond to the medicine :(
(like myself) and you could talk to your doctor if that is the case. everyone is different,, hope you feel better :)


If you ever have a really bad cramp heat it or Ibuprofen and just laying down to rest

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My gynecologist also told me that cramps in the middle of your cycle could also be caused from ovulating so don’t stress.


Ovulation cramps are a thing. Please read about it and see if these cramps are happening around your Ovulation. If not, please get in touch with a doctor.


Extensive menstrual pain or pain even after period is not normal. Any irregular discomfort should be monitored closely especially due to recent awareness of Endometriosis.


Yes cramps are completely normal to prevent them take some ibuprofen of some type of medicine before you know your going to have your period or heating pads work great!


I don’t get cramps before or during a period, only mid cycle around ovulating. Dr tells me it normal 👍🏻