Anxiety during/week before period


I get really really bad anxiety before my period. I have anxiety on a regular basis which has gotten better, but the week before my period it gets so bad where I have panic attacks. I was wondering what can be done about this and if I should just go to a gyno and work from there. Thanks in advance


Just stay calm anxiety and stress may make u skip your period. Hope this helps 😁


Do you have a therapist you can talk to?


I know this may sound weird but do yoga it really help me Ivan the same way!!! Yoga for anxiety look it up it's a life saver


I've seen a therapist before but it never seemed to help.


It sounds tension and stress related. I agree yoga makes a difference as would getting a massage and doing activities that bring you calm and you enjoy. It's all about relaxation and getting the built up tension over the month out of your body. I'm sure you notice it leave once you start bleeding as the body relaxes again.


I have anxiety as well and it gets worse right before my period and for the first few days. It is due to hormonal imbalance. A gyno or family doctor would recommend oral contraceptives to balance your hormones. However that just masks the problem and it will return when you stop taking the pills. I have had great success with acupuncture as well as taking vitamins that relieve anxiety. Magnesium (150mg) helps me sleep when I am feeling anxious at night. If you can find it, L-Theanine is like a natural anxiety medication -I take it when I have panic attacks.