Bleeding for over 4years


Hello I’m 25 years old I have a beautiful 6 year old son and a beautiful 4 year old daughter I have had 4 miscarriages and have been bleeding ever since none stop my OBGYN can’t even explain to me why or even tell me what’s wrong or going on he just grabs his head and says I don’t know what to tell you I also get extreme pain I haven’t been feeling good at all I’m always tired and don’t have the energy to do anything I have endometriosis but I don’t think that will make me bleed for over 4years straight none stop I would really love to know what to do or who to see for some help I can’t take it anymore it’s interfering with my life.
Thank you


Have you talked to the doctors


Yes I have I’m at his office almost every week and all he says is i don’t know what to tell you . All I want is answers you know my fiancé and I want to have another child and we can’t because of my none stop bleeding for 4years I also haven’t been feeling well at all I have been feeling very sick and tired I have no energy anymore I believe it’s due to the bleeding everyday!


Maybe talk to a different doctor to see what they say about


Talk to several different doctors. Get many opinions, maybe try even searching it up online sometimes you discover more than your doctors. Good luck


Read up on it. There was also a woman in the Bible with an issue of blood so if all else fail all I can tell you is to pray. Faith as small as a mustard seed can go a long way hun. Here is a site you can read on excessive bleeding:


That happened to me several years ago. I had to be put on the three month supply birth control that was the only thing that could stop the bleeding but when I lost my health insurance and had to go back to the regular Ortho Tri-Cycle I started back bleeding again For about 6 months straight. My OBGYN doctor said that my uterine wall was too thin from me having a child and the only way to fix it was to have a hysterectomy or to get pregnant and I found out I also had endometriosis so I had to have surgery right then. Anyways I just had to stop with the birth-control all together and eventually my bleeding stopped altogether and I have a normal periods again. I am also 37 years old but this happened about 10 years ago so I was still very young. Good luck to you and maybe you should mention this to your OB/GYN doctor maybe they can check you for endometriosis or change you to a different birth control or put you on that stronger three months birth-control.


That happened to my mother, she eventually became anemic because of it. You should definitely see a doctor... my mom had to get a surgery that prevented her period from coming back, but she was also almost 50 at the time so obviously she wasn’t planning on having any more kids. I would definitely purchase some iron supplements as well, the average women needs around 18-20 mg per day!


Get another opinion. If your doctor doesn’t have answers, s/he is just not the right doctor for you. Do you live in an area where you have a lot of options for medical choices? Get a second opinion for sure!!!


Fibroids?? Change gyno’s there has to be a resolution. Plus that can’t be good loosing blood even in the smallest put amounts daily it can affect other parts of your health


That happened to my aunt but she went to the doctor and was put on medication and later got hysterectomy


You need to see a different doctor. “I don’t know what to tell you,” is unacceptable. If you are on any kind of hormones, those should be adjusted or stopped. Get your thyroid hormone levels checked. And finally, you’re tired because you’re probably anemic from continuous bleeding. Get your hemoglobin checked (CBC) and please see a different doc (gynecologist) at least once.
I see this is from a year ago so things have hopefully resolved. I’m just posting this in case anyone else has similar issues.


I would actually speak with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Their expertise goes way beyond a normal OB/GYN. You may have an issue with your progesterone levels which impacts the shedding of your lining. They will do bloodwork and testing because they specialize in conceiving. As well as speaking with an immunologist.


You could have your blood checked. They should check your coagulation. Make sure you don’t have any issues in your blood.


This happened to me. I was bleeding for almost a year after I have birth two separate times. My uterine lining was thick so I was out on birth control to reset my body. Drs also did a full blood work up and due to Hashimotos Disease (hypothyroidism) is that was the actual cause of me bleeding for so long. There are so many things that can affect your period. If you’ve only seen Dr’s within the same practice I suggest you find a different practice bc this is not normal. The Bible comment is bullshit and I’m sure you’ve been “praying” for a long time for this to end. We are not in bible times we have modern day medicine but you have to be your own advocate and keep searching until you find your answer.