I'm a little lost

All the names are used

I'm engaged to this great guy. We have been together for 2 1/2 years now. But lately I have been finding other men super attractive. I have a crush on three different guys not including my fiancé. I desperately want to express my feelings toward them but I obviously can't. I am really struggling and I don't know what to do.


My advise would be stop seeing these other men if possible, and spend more time with your fiancé.


If you want to date other guys then you should not be engaged.

It's okay to think someone is cute but you should not act on that because you are engaged to someone else.

I suggest you break off the engagement until you decide you are ready to be serious with that person.

How old are you anyway? You sound kinda young, no offense.

All the names are used

I'm 22 my fiancé is 25. I work with this guy that I find so attractive. I can't stop thinking about him.


What would you want your fiancé to do if he had a crush on his coworker?


I don’t know what your relationship with your fiancé is like, but if you think this is more than a phase you can consider talking to him about it. Maybe to be honest with him and let him know you want to work more on your relationship, or maybe even a flexible relationship where you decide together on if you can flirt with/ see other people while keeping your relationship primary. You’re in charge of your relationship, don’t let it run away on you :)


I’m not sure where your heads at, but if u have a or multiple crushes on other people, then that signifies that there is a possibility that you could be with them. Your engagement is a restriction to what your heart is telling you (to have fun with these other men). You may want to ignore it, but you will not be able to hide it (forever), and therefore any seperation between you and your fiancé may come at a later time. If I were you I would speak to him, and tell him that you may wish to distance yourself for a bit. If you want to get married, then it shouldn’t be done in the current situation u are in, as (in my opinion), there may already be faults. I really really hope it turns out alright, I wish you the best! 💓💓


Ummm!!! I suggest if you’re only “engaged” and having cravings or these “crushes” on other men you should definitely consider NOT BEING MARRIED ANYTIME SOON! Maybe you should consider growing up a little and living a little and experiencing all these other men you’re crushing on before you think of marriage! Just because you found 1 person willing to marry you does not mean you have to go through with it! It would be a lot harder to find someone else wanting to marry you when they find out that you’re a cheater because that’s exactly where you’re headed. Obviously your fiancé is not doing something for you if you’re attracted to all these other men maybe you should see someone else that fulfills all of your needs!


Personally I think you should press pause on the engagement just until you figure it out. You don’t have to tell your fiancé about the other men if you don’t feel comfortable or if you don’t want to risk it. But you should probably tell him your having second thoughts, not about him but about the wedding. Just let him know you need more time. You don’t want to break things off with your fiancé if it’s just a phase but you don’t want to ruin your chances if it’s not. So just take a minute, breath, and see where your crush goes


Read up on Polyamory or non-monogamy maybe?


If you think about other man while you engaged with someone else, you definitely don’t love you fiancé. Brake up and do what ever you want. It will avoid heartbreak for you and your boyfriend in the future