Never ever had an Orgasm


Hey girls
I'm 24 years old and I have this huge problem. I have never ever had an orgasm, not during sex or masturbation. I started masturbating late, at 20-21, but I could never reach the big O. When I masturbate I do get this amazing feeling in my body, especially in my head, and I think that that is pretty close, but I just can't go on, I have to stop touching myself, it's like I can't take it any longer although it's so good!
Looking for any advice, I just want to cum 😞


I never had one


What sort of things are you trying?
I personally watch porn and masturbate laying face down but propped up on a bunch of pillows. thats one thing i found out real quick. most women dont actually come very easy in a sitting up position (like you see in porn)
also, The first time I came I was 24 too - so dont worry , I think alot of us are in their mid 20s when it happens


I do it in the shower by pointing the shower at my clit, also in bed, laying down, legs bent in knees.. i do not really watch porn, nit sure what kind of porn would I like..
So you use just your hands?


yes, I just use my hands. even more surprising? I never stick my fingers in. Basically I keep my fingers together and just find a position that I can push down and apply pressure. I dont know if that makes sense, its hard to describe. and yes porn! I know if you havent ever watched it , it might be intimidating. Id start out with something very standard - there is a lot of really intense and shocking niche genres that even I am still shocked by. Id suggest finding the "softcore" category of a site - its a good way to expose yourself to porn without seeing anything thats going to scare you. And yeah, honestly - watching a couple minutes gets me really aroused so its like im halfway to orgasm by then


I use my middle finger to rub my clit while imagining things, then I slowly sway my hips to circles for extra dramatic actions making me more horny, and then moans very lightly


Okay I had the same thing until I tried this -> lay in the bath with your punani directly under the tap faucet and put the pressure up make sure water no to hot. Increase the pressure and you'll literally be shaking and wanting to scream make sure water hits ur clit it's the best orgasm ever might have to lower pressure but if it gets to intense xoxo


If you have a spa bath what I do is run and bath and put the spa setting on high or medium and spread my legs and push my clit up to it, it feels really good


If you want to reach an orgasm, try mixing things up. Try watching porn, just browse to figure out what you would be into, and maybe get yourself a vibrator, maybe you need to spice it up.


Mine didn’t happen until early 30s. But it took a guy that had practiced celibacy when he was younger and as a result learned other ways I guess. No penetration all stimulation. Many men think we get off the way they but it’s not always true.

Courageous kayty

Any luck? For me I can cross my legs. Never had a man give me one. But it’s weird. I cross me legs and boom it happens. Not ever time I have to work for it.


There is a sex toy on Amazon my husband bought me. It looks like a u shaped vibrator. You insert one side into your vagina and the other rest against your clitoris. Both sides vibrates. It comes with a remote too. I came multiple times (first time).