Hormonal imbalance /Acne

Lizzy 123

After taking the birth control pill I started developing acne , at the moment I have acne all over , my face, neck and chest . I was told by my beauty care advisor to dry evening prime rose oil . Don’t know how true that is but have been on that for 5 days now and haven’t seen any changes yet . Pls I need help


I had to actually go on a pill called Brenda ED designed to help with acne as I developed really bad adult acne at 40. I’ve been on it for about a year now and my acne has completely gone.


For quite a lot of women, acne is inevitable when you take birth control (due to a combination of genetics and an overload of hormones). The only way to really stop the acne is to go of the birth control.


There are some good YouTube videos (Holistic habits, organic Olivia, Veronica Gorgeous, etc) on hormonal acne regarding what to eat, probiotic, and how to make clay masks (ancient Indian clay mask). Try doing a clay mask for a week straight. Good luck!


Evening primrose oil is helpful but probably not enough to help with the big hormone changes. Retenoid creams are good, but really I’d say try to see about a different pill (different kinds affect you differently), or different forms of contraception.


You can try out some skincare product that includes salicylic acid in it