Weight gain


I'm 22, I am 46kg at the moment I have a high metabolism, I NEED to put weight on I've been to a fair few doctors about it and they haven't said much at all to be honest, can anyone please please tell me what I can do to put weight on, I eat ALOT!


You want to put on weight, drink lots of apple juice!


Do protein shakes, peanut butter, low cardio and more weight lifting at the gym. It won’t make you manly looking, even if it does it will take a good 10-15 years, so that’s not an issue. Good luck!


Eat lots of nuts. Brown rice. Greek yogurt full fat.


Thank you! :)


I have the same problem I’m 24 and weigh 45kg been to dietician, had blood tests and scans and all came back fine. Got put on milkshakes by the doctor but still didn’t help