Horrendous periods


Hi, I’m 46 and my period are becoming more painful with vomiting, and last month I didn’t have my period. Is this hormonal as they haven’t been like this since my 20’s and the thought if this every period makes me very anxious. Should I see my GP and is there anything to help as pain killers aren’t helping for several hours. Thanks


Yes, go and see your doctor about externally painful periods.


I think you should definitely talk to a doctor because you are having extreme symptoms. That being said, when you start premenopause, it is normal for periods to get extra heavy or irregular for a while. From 47 to 48, my periods were horribly heavy. Then they got regular again, and now I have missed one for the first time ever. I am 49


Yes, if it’s that bad you should definitely see a doctor. A similar thing happened to my grandma at that age and they had to actually stop her period

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Mine has gotten worse as I hit 40, I now live in fear of my period each month. Every month I miss work.


I was having periods where I vomited, passed out and just couldn’t get out of bed from pain for three or more days and I found out that’s because of adenomyosis, the uterus lining growing inside the uterus wall. It can be seen with a trans vaginal ultrasound I think. Definitely talk to your doctor about this. Best of luck.


Uhm if ur vomiting then see a doctor


Its more than likely perimenopausal symptoms. Have you seen your GP to see what your fertility levels are? A quick blood test will tell you. Periods can become more heavy and more frequent as you approach menopause. Worth seeing your GP over though


Hi, It sounds normal. I am 47 and last year I started to experience period pains. My cycles began to change and I would miss one every few months. I have skipped the past two cycles so they are becoming less frequent. Along with some hot flushes I believe I am nearing menopause.


Yes. See your doc. Hope you’ve found relief by now. I’m sure you’ve tried the standard heating pad. That’s about that only thing that surprisingly helped me when I was passing kidney stones and meds weren’t helping.

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I’m with you sister. I don’t vomit, but I am 45 and have awful periods - bloating, cramps, tender breasts, backaches, headaches, very heavy flow - just like on my teenage days.
With me, it began after I had a tubal ligation after my daughter was born at 39. My OBGYN did warn me that my period could get heavier due to the ligation - but would I have known this, I would have just not tied my tubes and gotten back on BC.


Try ibobrufen as soon as you spot or suspect your period. But speak to your Gynecologist for a more permanent solution as with time the pills cause ulcers. From experience just keep taking the pills to period days only, and eat, don’t take on empty stomach.