2 periods a mth - Why am I having 2 periods a month every other month?

Over 40

Why am I having 2 periods a month every other month?

Macy rose

Your not having two periods. Your uterus will actually stop shedding sometimes and it may seem like it's over. But a few days after it starts again so it's still one period

Over 40

I know that for the past almost 2 years I will have let's say a period in the 3rd of June for a normal to me 4 to 5 days. Then in about 2 weeks later I will have another period again?


Umm..... my friend had the same problem... she went to the dr. I would do the same if I were you


Not sure how old you are, but as you approach menopause age, very irregular periods are very common


Go for a check up. They might give you meds to regulate your period


I’m Having That Same Problem Period Comes Every 18/19 Days

Katie T

You may hyperovulate. Lots of women do. Or you may have a short cycle, like mine is usually 22 days instead of the average 28-30.


Sometimes birth control messes your system up, that might be it.


You may have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Check with your doctor, I was on my period twice a month for over 2 years. You can get medication to regulate your cycle as it Is hormonal.


If you want kids it may be that you are not ovulating as you would come on your 2nd Period because that is the time that you are supposed to ovulate and when your body doesn’t do it, it would go into another period. Metformin is very good at helping ovulation and should regulate your cycle if you have PCOS. I hope this helps.


You should definitely see gynecologist and doctor give you the best answer and solution


maybe you're just spotting it happens to me too it's when you bleed in between your periods. so if you think you're having two, you're just having one and also some spotting.

Anon 383

Same exact thing happens to me and I have no bloody idea why! 😤🤔

Blu Magnolia

Sometimes it happens to me too. But my cycle is every 21 days exactly. So if my cycle is at the beginning of the month, guaranteed I'll have another by the end of the month.


It may be as simple as the position of your uterus, which was my issue.


I read its breathrough bleeding occur when we missed the pill specially the pop pill which are 3 hours only if trad pill 12 hours