Ovulation and Menstruation


The only thing I understand about my period is when it will likely come each month, how long it lasts, and that it means I’m not pregnant. Aside from that my boyfriend and I want to try to get pregnant and I never understood ovulation or menstruation in health class at all and still don’t know anything about them now that I’m 27. Can someone explain this stuff to me in a book for dummies sort of way?


So about 14 days from the start of your period, your ovary releases your egg. It then takes a few days to travel down to your uterus (womb). If it's not fertilised, then 2 weeks later you'll have your period. To get pregnant you need to fertilise your egg as its traveling down to your uterus so you only have a short window of about 2/3 days to get pregnant. If it works, your egg will then implant in your uterus lining and you won't have your period. You can use trackers like this one to see when your best 2/3 day window is (when you're most fertile). Hope that makes sense, Good luck :)


Ok so the whole menstruation cycle starts when you ovulate and an egg is dropped from your ovaries into your uterus and during this time you can be extra horny cause it’s when your body is like ready to ‘mate’. When this egg isn’t fertilized it started to (idk the technical term) ‘disintegrate’. The lining of your uterus is shed and that’s all the blood coming out on your period.

So, if you’re trying to get pregnant the best time to try to conceive would be when you’re ovulating


Ovulation is when your body releases an egg to be fertilized. That usually happens two weeks after the first day of your period. If you are trying to achieve pregnancy try having sex several days in a row approximately two weeks after your period started. If you don’t get pregnant within the year, visit your doctor to see if there are fertility issues.


Hi so it’s great that you’re tracking your period ! Now everyone has a fertility window which is normally around the 14th day of your cycle and during that window so several days before or after that is the time you are more likely to get pregnant

Good luck !!!!!


The best thing you can do is stop trying to get pregnant just go with the flow I did that and conceived both of my kids by not trying. Ovulation is the best time to get pregnant generally but some woman get pregnant after or just before their period. Best of luck to you


Ovulation is time when you can get pregnant more than other times. It's before period that is all in my knowledge.


If you Are going to start trying for a baby It’s best to get an OBGYN if you don’t already have one and ask him/her as many questions as you want that’s what they are there for a healthy start to a potential pregnancy is getting all the information you need and really understanding your body.