Tender Breasts


I’m not sure if this has been constant but the last 3 periods I’ve had have been frustrating because I tend to get cramps prior to my period, during and then after during my ovulation, I also seem to have tender breasts during my period and after meaning atleast half of the month I’m struggling with overly sensitive breasts to the point that even a hug can give me extreme pain and I’m wondering if this is normal or if I should consult a doctor for further information.


I have this too, half the month I have pms! Unsure if it’s normal.


Mine used to get so insanely tender the morning before I got my period that it was difficult to walk.


This happens to me too. There is only about one week of the month when I don’t have any symptoms.


me too! Hugs hurt so bad sometimes! And I can barely knock it like a flick and it hurts! It is normal to have some pain but a lot I’m no so sure about.