Spotting and then period


Me and my husband have been trying to conceive our second child for 9 months with not much luck. I am always regular on my periods and never late. This month I started to bleed for about an hour 6 days before I was due to come on my period and then it stopped. I was then 6 days late and on the 7th day I have come on my period (which was bright red (started off light and has became heavier like a period). This is the 3rd day of my period which was still quite heavy but as the day went on, has become brown spotting. I’m so confused as this has never happened before. Has this happened to anyone else?


I'm going through something similar.

Nativity Nurse

Period changes:
When your body is under stress it changes your hormones which also changes your cycles; late, early, light or heavy.
Sex with the hubby:
It’s harder to conceive when sex is pressured for a baby and on a schedule. not saying this is happening but keep it in mind.
Have fun and enjoy it and assure the sex is every OTHER day. His sperm count gets lower with daily ejaculation so he will need to be building up for a few days before ovulation comes so like a day or 2 before ovulating have fun so it’ll be there waiting when your egg releases💓

Miss T

Going thru similar now, but for different reasons. I’m 48 and my hormones are in a funky state due to peri menopause. However, when I was 35 I spotted every month in the 1st trimester and I had no idea I was pregnant until 17 weeks along. I already had 2 children so you would think I’d know!!I had been on the pill for 3years previously so I thought that’s what made my periods off. It sounds like hormones are to blame regardless..


Sounds like a very early miscarriage I went through the same thing. As for trying to have a baby stop trying the added stress of trying with no luck only makes it harder to conceive. I stopped trying to get pregnant and got pregnant both times. Just relax and don’t stress


In period red or brown is normal. My doctor doesn’t know why it changes colour


Hi have gone through something similar and my OBGYN has determined that the dark blood of brown spotting was actually a miscarriage please check with your doctor


Yes I’ve had this a few times and I think it’s implantation that is then unsuccessful. A lot of woman implant then lose very very early around time of period so most don’t realise. I then went on and a very health baby after trying for a few months. I’m trying again and it’s been 6 months and this happened last month, so if history repeats itself I would fall pregnant in next month or two . Fingers crossed for us both