Travel period hacks


I wanted to ask if anyone has any tips/hacks that make having your period easier on your travels (flying, long bus rides, food tips etc.)


If ur at the airport, pack LOTS of extra pads in case your flight gets delayed or whatever bu trust me! Not having enough pads at he airport is no fun! Same thing goes for tampons or whatever you wear. Also find a smoothie king and get a smoothie they are good and make me feel better on my period


You should always keep a pad or tampon on you as well as pain meds. Make sure you know where a bathroom is and you are able to get to it.


I take a little cosmetic purse and put extra pads, tampons, cleansing wipes, and a Change of underwear in it. I keep it with me when I have my period. Also some hand sanitizer if it fits.


Wear a pad (or period panties) at the start. Bring changes for bathroom breaks. If you get bad side affects from periods, take a travel sickness tablet and a paracetamol/an aspirin (or two) before it starts. If you can open the window, do that.


You can switch to cloth pads.or a diva cup. In a few months you’re flow will be lighter and you’ll have less cramps. Besides that just try to stay comfortable. Don’t ware tight pants.


So always always have extra pads/tampons
What I do is use a long pad with wings then put a short pad over it with wings then change it ever pay no and then
I do this because thick pads are very uncomfortable for me idk about u but for me it’s very uncomfortable :/


I use a moon cup as they hold more, medical grade silicone so safe. Then I take travel wipes & mini sanitary/nappy bags. Especially if I have to dispose of them later! I travel a lot and find this the best. Maybe need to get used to it a couple of months before travel., can feel a little
awkward initially. Also saves a whole lot of money.

Han 💋

- always bring extra pads/tampons etc🍑
- bring painkillers even if you don’t get cramps (they might surprise you)😅
- wear comfy warm clothes and bring a big jumper (just helps)🐱
- if your wearing tight stuff like pants or shorts, bring an emergency pair👜
- bring water💦
- bring food if you feel the need🍕


Have you tried using a menstrual cup?

Lelly L

Def carry extra tampons of different sizes to cope with heavy & light flow, sanitary towels as double back up, ibuprofen for pain. Sometimes wear double underwear to feel more secure.


thanks for all the replies!


Drink lots of water and change regularly make sure you don’t stink, if you get cramps put a jumper on your blater.


For me, traveling away from home for a day or more during my periods I prefer to use tampons over pads. My fave brand tampon is OB because they are least bulky to pack, no applicator to dispose of, and for me most leak resistant during my heavy flow. Also take along those individual wrapped fem wipes so I can tidy up if I need to. For my long trips I have been considering trying a menstrual cup. I have read it is possible to go 10-12 hours before you need to empty. I am for that when traveling. Will have try one before I travel to get used to inserting and removing it, and see how well works with my heavy flow days. Will let you know


You can always have a small red bag in your purse or backpack.

Nativity Nurse

Running can cause your periods to be lighter and less cramps. I cooperating a good amount
Of fiber and assure your are taking iron pills and or folic acids all contribute to a better period. Assure your calcium levels are well to which deals with muscles: contracting during period. This is the herbal way to go. And good amounts of water. Hope it helps💓


I double up on sanitization products (wear both pad and tampon) to prevent likely of mess.

I drink less water before and during travel so i wont have the urge to use bathroom as much on the go.

I pack more than enough essentials and walk with pain medication (just in case).


Wear overnight/extra long pads, uncomfortable but they’re worth it.