Itchy Nipples

Gina N.

For the past month or so, I’ve been having my right nipple a lot and it gets in the way of my daily comfort. It seems like some sort of eczema, as I also have dry patches on my arms, but I’m curious if I should be worried about it and how I relieve it. To be more detailed, my upper areola is dry and flaky and deformed because of the itch. And there’s a specific point on my nipple that is particularly itchy. If anyone else has experienced this, please tell me how to relieve and reduce it because I’ve already tried moisturizing cream and wearing a bra during peak itchy times to avoid chafing.

Bright ⭐️

Have you started with new washing powder ?? Or washing products?? It maybe a simple thing of a new bra . Have you tried to use sudocream ?? That works for me . Also look at the fabric of your bra ?? Is it made cotton or nylon ??

Anonymous E

Ok so like awhile back both my nipples would get crazy itchy like it was bad. They got the same as you’re explaining, but at one point they got like infected bc I was itching them so harshly or something idk what happened but it got to the point where I couldn’t wear bras bc the infected nipple would get kinda stuck to the bra and it would kill to when I took my bra off anyway I ended up going to the doctors and they gave me this special skin cream that really helped and they said I should go to a skin specialist if it doesn’t help (didn’t have to, the cream fixed it) but anyway since then every now and then they still get a tad itchy and I have found that it’s normally when I’m stressed and anxious soo I would just say first maybe see if it’s being caused by stress and if it’s still bad go see a doctor


I had this problem as well and I had to go to the doctor to get a cream they’d recommend for it


If it were me and it was bothering me every day, I would go see the doctor. I hope you’ve found some relief by now.


It’s not my nipples but I have the same problem. It’s everywhere on my body though. Mostly my legs and arms. I think it’s because I have sensitive skin. The only solution I can tell you is to stop scratching. If you stop scratching, it will go away on it’s own eventually. I have an ointment from my doctors but I’m not really sure if it even works. The best thing is just to stop scratching. Good luck and hang in there. I’ve had this issue for years. Some go away, then new ones come again. My sister had this issue as well but it went away for her a long time ago. I can’t stop scratching so it still happens to me. The more you scratch, the bigger it gets. Then it either bleeds or excretes a fluid I’m not even sure what it is.