Trying to get pregnant


Hiiii I’ve been on the naxolanon and I nearly remove it like 5 months ago but I’ve been trying to get pregnant but nothing I feel like I can’t get pregnant .. has some of you been on the naxplanon. ?


How many years did you have it in for? Could take some time for your cycles to return to normal.... Could take weeks or up to 6months. The implant stops your ovaries from releasing eggs and the hormone which made this possible could still be working its way out of your system. Also timing is key! If your trying, you need to be conceiving during your ovulation window, this is usually 2 weeks after your last period. If your cycles are irregular/your body is still trying to establish a cycle pattern than this will be harder to work out. Regular intercourse 2/3 times a week every week after your period will give you the best chance at pregnancy. Also make sure to take folic acid and iron supplements on the lead up to trying to conceive, this is important for a healthy baby.... It's better to already have this in your system even before your actually pregnant. Hope this helps :)


Try getting pregnant on your ovulation days and tell your man you can’t have sex until then to save his sperm so it’ll be more likely to get pregnant