Ex wont talk


My ex broke up with me almost two years ago and he hasn't texted me or called me this whole time. What should I do? No matter how much I try he won't text me back and I can never find him anywhere.


Just try to find someone else to occupy ur mind..but try to forget about him.move on


Just move one. That's what I did.


I know it is hard but you should try to love on. I had the same thing...


It's been two whole years like not two days but two whole years. Move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Do you need closure or something? If so I understand but after two years my whole life would have been through many of changes. You have to move on it's not healthy to dwell on the past, it's super hard and better said than done but you have to let go and just make a friend(s) and let his ass gooooooo!!


For about 9 years I pined over a guy cause he was the "one that got away".
He actually found me on a media platform wanting to reconnect as friends. After a couple days of texting I came to a conclusion that I wasted so many years thinking he was the one and now he was repulsive to me. I hope you find peace. The one for you won't let you go.


Was in that same situation before, where an ex dumped me and then refused to have any contact with me afterwards. It was so hard because he wasn't just my boyfriend, he was my best friend. And my mind got stuck on shoulda coulda woulda and he was the best man to ever live. But the more you push him, the more he won't want to talk to you. And if it's been 2 years, I'm sorry but he never will. His mind is made up and that's that. Anything that you say or do will only make you look crazy.

My advice is to move on. Hang out with your friends, focus on the ex's negative qualities when you think about him, work towards a goal (cooking, painting, guitar, whatever) and start dating. Then you'll see that your life can move forward and actually there are better guys out there.


There is a reason why he is ex. Leave him be and move on


Why are trying to talk to ur ex? YOU BROKE UP WITH THE GUY FOR A REASON DIDNT U?!


Move on?


He’s probably with someone else by now if he wants nothing to do with you . It’s a fact of life once a relationship is over people move on and that’s exactly what you should be doing . My answers are blunt and to the point because I’ve never been one to sugar coat anything . You should start putting yourself first and realizing that you’re good enough to find another man and possibly a better one than your last , one that respects you and treats you like you deserve because you’re worth it . I’m sure you’re a very beautiful woman who has a great heart , good luck on your journey to happiness and love


Uhh get over him, he’s not worth your time one, and second of all it’s been two years that’s way too long to be doting over a man who probably doesn’t think twice about you. I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but it’s just tough love, and breakups suck