Salem - How can I know ovulation day?


How can I know ovulation day?

Anonymus Rose

There are little circles in the app on the days that show you that


14 Days a before your next cycle. If you don’t have regular cycles, then just around CD (cycle day) 14.


Use ovulation predictor sticks (you can buy them at the pharmacy or on Amazon) or learn how to read your cervix placement


Your discharge changes texture and colour so it becomes thicker and clearer like an egg white. That is the only type of discharge sperm can swim through.

Louise McDonald

The 3 circles on a day is the middle of you ovulation... 🙂 goodluck!


When u wipe yourself and it's clear egg white very sticky your ovulating most chance you can get pregnant


Unless you can feel yourself ovulating, which is when the back of your pelvic area is persistently sore, like me.


Salem, you can buy ovulation test kits to confirm that you are ovulating. It should usually occur around 2 weeks after your period but I would suggest that you start a week after your period. If you are not ovulating then go and see your doctor.