Is it true


I have heard that if you are around people then your hormones will adjust to theirs and your periods will be the same days to some degree. Is this true?


Yes, your period will pull and so will theirs so everyone will get it at the same time or around the same time at least. I can always tell when my friends are on it because I am (and other reasons). When you start a new job or start a new grade and around new people everything will shift. That's one of the reasons people say it takes a while for the, to become regular.


Okay thank you so much 😊

Katie T

Strangely yes, women who spend a lot of time together will have synchronized periods. I remember in my 10th grade bio class we got onto this topic one day (it was funny to see the guys' disgusted reactions from talking about periods haha), because three girls were all doubled over in pain from cramps and one girl was extremely irritable and emotional, and any girl who wasn't on her period was either ovulating, about to start for that month, or just finished theirs for that month. That was an eventful day haha


Yep me and my sister literally share the same period bc we always have it on the same days and at the same times, 😂😂😂😂😂


Yep, I have almost the same period schedule as my sister


I find that it is. Every time I go to band camp each year and am in a dorm full of girls for a week, I get my period. And so do most of the girls around me. I don’t know why, but it’s true.


Actually it’s true.
When we used to live in tribes woman’s period got kind of the same day , but that is like our body is saying “hey I will have the baby first” it’s a competition basically, if you get your period sooner the sooner you can have a baby.
So it’s a crazy competition of our bodies to have the most children :’v


Yes me and my friends actually get them at the same time every month!

Sofia S.

Yes!! Me and my best friend used to get our periods around the same time because we were always together! It’s odd but at least you can complain together.


Yes it’s true. My daughter and I always start our periods around the same time. When she gets it first she’ll let me know and I end up getting to the next day