Weight loss - How do I loose tommy fat?


How do I loose tommy fat?


Mainly eat healthier foods and less junk foods. Abdominal workouts help the best. any cardio workouts help burn off fat well too.


Fiber rich food(Veg) + regular exercise can help in weight loss. Regularly practising PRANAYAMA(breathing exercise) will help reduce tummy.


If you're still looking to lose weight I can help you formulate a diet plan to help you meet your goals! Lmk if you're still interested!


Just eat a little healthier and get at least 1 hour of exercise per day (you can do half in morning and half at night). Doing sit ups will be good for you, since you're targeting your tummy.


Basically just eat healthier food as much as possible and do loads of exercise like going to the gym would be the best thing to do


Avoid eating Late meals too


u need to be a calorie deficit and do jogging at a slow pace for long periods of time preferably 15-30 mins.