What can help burn just belly fat? - Please i just need to get my bellly flat

Miracle Pia💦❤️

Please i just need to get my bellly flat


Excercise. You can't target certain fat zones you have to decrease the body fat percentage in your whole body. Cardio will help!! And lots of water!


While drinking water is healthy, it will keep you someone bloated depending how much you drink. Try to "eat" water too with like fruits and vegetables!

Scarlett moon

Exercise nah duh 🙄


When you exercise you lose about 3% of your weight, when you change your diet you lose about 7%. (Note: this may not be correct, it’s been a long time since I researched about this)


So I’ve learned that chia seeds and lemon water will help. I’ve been trying to find ways to get my stomach down too. Soak chia seeds in water so that they will expand, and then add lemon juice. Chia seeds act like an antioxidant that targets fat and helps you slim down. Hope this helps!


Lemon water with cucumbers


Reduce the amount of carbs you eat, try exercises that target you core and also eat lean proteins

preggymom ❤️

every night before you go to sleep, lay flaton bed. Lift your feet together slowly reaching 90 degrees angle with your trunk, repeat this for 10 times. Do it every night for a week then add 3 more cycle each week. result will not be so fast but eventually you will see the result. I thought Ill have a big belly forever. but the first week of doing that you will feel muscle pain in your leg and tmy its fine. you will be used to it. And drink a lot of water. Just believe in yourself beautiful ❤️


Ginger powder drink it in your tea or coffee ( organic ginger only ) 3 times a day for a couple weeks


Increase exercise, water, protein intake, limit carbs to healthy carbs such as those found in greens. Count carbs daily. Plan meals 3 days at a time. 3 meals 2 snacks. Meals have 25-45 carbs. Snacks have 0-10 carbs. Daily carb limit 100g. Minimum daily protein 120g. Drink protein shakes if you can’t eat enough protein. Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water or more depending on how much you’re sweating, etc. This is all based on my assumption that you are a woman and not a child. Children have different need and should consult their pediatrician.