I Just Found Out How to Save the Planet

Laura Rose

Before you say it's gross, hear me out and then do some research of your own!

Pads are gross, they are made with toxic plastics and chemicals and they are going right in your body! Periods aren't meant to smell bad, it's actually the chemicals in your disposable pad!

I switched to Cloth Pads and a Menstrual Cup. Now I have zero waste from my period, no more stinky pads and I even feel a whole lot better on them!

Cloth pads are simple to wash, soak them in a stain fighter and cold water and just throw them in the wash, stains rarely come up after this process and it's not as gross as you think. (Because they really don't stink!).

Menstrual cups are made from hospital grade materials and can stay in for longer periods of time. (Up to 12 hours). You can't feel them and all and a quick wash in the sink and they're ready to go again!

So if you read through all this way, please consider buying some of these products and reduce your waste but also feel the benefits of less chemicals in your body! You can make a difference in the world and stop adding to the billions of Pads in landfill every year!


That's awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


I have one too! I love it! So much better for your body than a tampon- they contain bleach and pesticides from the cotton 😱it feels so much more comfortable and mine has never leaked unlike tampons and don't get me started on pads!

Phuckin Phylean

Just because some of you aren't comfortable with your bodies doesn't make what she saying any less true. True it's a bit extreme but she's completely right. I bet you it's the same people that are terrified to empty a cup of their own body's natural cycle out to clean that have no problem putting a nasty penis in several of their orifices often unprotected when they have no idea where it's been or who it's even been in. Get your priorities straight girls.


I know someone that has one of those she really likes it. I don't think I'll be trying it that soon but when and if I do, where do you get them?

Laura Rose

So it depends where you're from but I used a site that sells "Eco femme" pads and a diva cup, the pads brings charity that provides pads to a girl in India for every pad sold.

To the girls saying to save the planet another way, saving the planet isn't about doing one thing (eg conserving water or eating locally sourced produce etc) it's about reducing your carbon footprint in EVERY way that you possibly can. And sure it's a little gross at first, but how is it really any less gross than soaking a bunch of chemically treated cotton products? The menstrual cup isn't for everyone, but cloth pads are used just the same as what you're already used to, you just have to wash them like your other clothes rather than throw them out!




Or get thinx period panties! They are spectacular look them up right now! I’m serious you will NOT regret it.
(I’m basically being a spokesmwan for them since I’ve joined this lolz)


This is amazing, after I read this i went out and bought a menstrual cup. I am nervous to use it for the first time.

Wow A Cake

Meh. I prefer wearing a pad hehe. Yes, i did read what you’ve said, but id rather stay with pads 😭


The only problem I have with the cups is I can’t always get the suction right and I’ll get leaks plus I get super heavy periods and so occasionally they will leak because of that as well I love my cup because it holds more than a tampon but it still doesn’t hold enough


I have period underwear that you just wash out