Car rides - How do you deal with your period during long car rides?


How do you deal with your period during long car rides?


Corafranz8 I recently went on a 10 hour car tip while on my period with only one stop it was the on my heaviest day ( day 2) so I wore an over night pad like suggested previously and changed it at the stop it worked for me without to much discomfort make sure you wear comfort clothing but as pants with elastic or adjustable waist for example can some times irritate the skin I also took some panadol through out the day to stop cramps or nausea hope this helped


I recently took a 27 hour trip with only one pad and with no stops so you'll be fine with a super heavy pad, they look like diapers


Try Always sanitary pads - light but hold in a lot of blood without leakages.


One thing you can do is taking ibuprofen. Not only does this decrease pain from cramps, but if you take it before and during your period, you can also decrease the flow. Besides that, wearing a heavy tampon in addition to a heavy lad should do the trick.


I I wear her sweater with pockets and put pads in the pocket so every time we make a stop I will have pads with me


Ok first of all Idk what all y’all women are doing but it looks unhealthy for ur body especially given if u wear a tampon because toxic shock syndrome is real and not changing a tampon every 1-2 hours is unsanitary and unhealthy for your body! Wearing a pad more than 3-4 hours is also unsanitary and unhealthy! Personally, I would rather deal with Mother Nature in the side of the road in a bush and change my pad on the bushes and keep my vagina clean by taking A plastic disposable nappy bag, u can buy them at Woolworths stores in the baby isle for a few dollars, take some baby wipes, and some handy 6x pack tissues and go to Aldi’s and buy Aldi’s SANA EXTRA LONG OR SUPER brand of pads. These SANA PADS last ten times longer and the absorbency is 100 times better than every other brand on the market as I have been around and I’m a mum and I’ve tried all the brands on the shelves at Woolworths and coles and these shit all over any brand because they r thicker and last 10 times longer than any other brand as I said! So if u get these and ur also busting to go to the toilet 🚽 and there’s no toilets around u can literally pee in the pad that’s how good these pads are and they don’t leak at all! They’re practically a nappy in pad form! Then when u get to ur stop 🛑 then dispose of them in the nappy bags which are scented to get rid of the smell or throw them out on the road it’s upto u and it depends if u are travelling with men in the car or not! Also take a bottle of water with u to wash urself and douche! Keeping it clean it far more sanitary and u may not be aware but ur vagina actually is a self cleaning and self
Lubrication muscle and the uterus is self shedding which is why us women have a period it’s
So that the uterus can clean all the dead cells and bacteria 🧫 out of ur body’s uterus and cervix and fallopian Tubes and it’s a self
Cleaning system which causes u to bleed 🩸 so you can ovulate and have babies! 👶🏽 Any other questions ask me! Thanks 🙏🏼 😊


I stopped using pads and tampons and invested in the cup. It is more convenient when traveling. You can buy it at any store like your local CVS or Walmart.