I think i might have endometriosis and Idk what to do
No one takes me seriously about it but for example the pain i get during My period is so bad no painkillers work and i can barely get Any sleep
Also sometimes it hurts really bad when i pee and then it just goes back to normal then hurts again
Also sometimes My vagina just throbs randomly and it's geting worse
Idk what should i do? Could i have Endometriosis?


Go to a doctor if you are worried


The only way to get diagnosed for endometriosis is to have a laparoscopy surgery. Do you bleed real heavily? Does your back hurt? And the urination isn’t an complication of it. You may have a UTI or something.




Hi Cat8. If you are a Facebook user check out the page Nancy’s nook. It has loads of information about endometriosis and is a great start if you want to find a doctor who knows what they are talking about. Severe pain during periods is one pretty good indicator of endo unfortunately but the previous poster is correct - the only way to get diagnosed is laparoscopy and it’s really important that is done by a specialist in endo (not every gynae is).


Hey hun. I’m an endometriosis warrior. You don’t sound like you do have it. But as below only way to find out is through a laposcopy surgery. There is other symptoms to just a bad period pain. Request to be checked. But if your dr says you don’t then don’t worry about it. Period pain can depend on diets as well.. when I eat fatty it makes it worse.


You should go to a gynaecologist if you think you have that