Just a Question

A girl

Is there a certain age when you no longer get your period? I know this might be a silly question but I just wanna know when I can get this horrible thing called your period over with.

Im already Tracer

Oh yea u don't have to worry lol. Around the age of 50-60, somewhere that stage you will stop having your period since u can't have children at an old age ❤️😊



Shelby Cobb Dew

I just turned 45 on the 29 of may. Can someone please tell me how to stop my period for good. I have had a half hysterical done. Im to old to cramping, headache, insomnia, backache and leg pain


It changes depending on when you started and how many eggs you have, for example, my mum started as a young teen and stopped in her early 40s


Yup! Menopause is when fertility flies out the door n periods stop. Age range for menopause to begin is 40-60🙃