I hardly make a orgasm when having sex is that normal? Done it about 7 or 8 times (protected) and I enjoy it just never make much noise is that okay???


Of course that's okay! 1 in 3 women don't reach orgasm when have sex, some just can't.
And not making noise is absolutely fine too. Think of it as, some people brake a bone and scream in pain and others don't. It's just the way your body works.


Thank you that's helped me loads


Make sure you tell your partner what turns you on, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be an amazing sex vixen! You’ll get more relaxed as time goes by and as for orgasms, many women don’t come from penetration - they need clitoral stimulation. You can ask your partner to do it, or show them yourself. Good luck!


Yes it’s ok


I’m the same way but when it comes close I get anxious n stop feeling embarrassed and I’m to short to get on top it’s only few times I finally had satisfaction but I need be bit taller or on my feet