Girls ‼️ help😭🔥


I very difficult to achieve an orgasm.. idk that I to do. Nothing not help. I talk about sex with my boyfriend..


Try deferent positions or tease each other first


Have a lot of foreplay


Are you on any medication? Anti depressants for example. If you take certain meds. It can alter your ability to have an orgasm.


No,I haven't medications


Touch yourself while having sex, and try to have orgasms on your own to know better what you like the most and what turns you on, that's important.


Hello girl I think you have to masturbe you because if you know what you like is easier to try with another person


You should definitely try masturbating to figure out what you like. Clitoral stimulation is generally one way most women achieve orgasms. You may also try asking your partner to stimulate your breasts while you stimulate your clit during penetration. Sometimes climaxing may be barred by not being able to clear your mind and let your body just do what it needs to do.

Lady Shadow

Ask your partner first but how about you try some different types of vibrators


Get a vibratory and use it during intercourse or before intercourse or both! I do it all the time


Ask him to eat you out (obviously dont just say it like that) but lead him to eat and lick u out. I had the same trouble of having trouble having an orgasm and when my bf did that i finally was able to. And it makes sex so much better. Hope this helped!