Really dark period.

Archie 🥀

Yesterday night, I wore a night pad. When I woke up to check on the pad I discovered this really dark blood. It almost looked like it was black. I'm not sure if this is normal. I'm kind of worried...


I think it’s probably nothing to worry about but you should probably still go talk to your ob/gyn. If you don’t have an ob/gyn, get one. Every female should have one.


it's probably because the blood already dried while u were sleeping


I get the same thing, it’s just dried up blood.


Blood gets darker as it dries. It is nothing to worry about. Blood on a pad will darken over time.

tc 💕

it could just be your body getting rid of old period blood; or as someone else mentioned : dry blood.


Was your period later than usual or were you past the first two/three days? If so, it's probably not a problem.


Don’t worry it’s normal some women get light red periods while others get dark it’s completely normal me personally gets dark red so don’t worry it’s normal

Cara x

Depending on how far u r into ur period. If u r at the end I get that too. It’s just old blood that have been inside of u for longer. Hope that helped. I don’t think it is anything too major xx