Stains - What is the best way to get blood out of underwear?


What is the best way to get blood out of underwear?


Get hot water and salt and let the salt soak your underwear and then scrub it out


Oxy clean, peroxide too


I have a set of steps that I use:
1. Wash out as much as you can with warm or hot water and a bit of soap.
2. Let it soak in a tub of hot water and soap.
3. Re-wash it by hand and wring it out to dry.
4. Put it in the washing machine.
The stains always come out, but that soak is super important.


Napi-san. That the answer to all your probs. It whitens, removes stains and acts as an antibacterial so it will clean it and make it hygienic.


You can put it under hot water and if you can add peroxide


Spray stain remover let it sit then wash and Chuck in washing machine


Just let ice cold water run on the stain for a few minutes. You’ll see the blood coming out. Then wash the fabric normally.


Soap and cold water. (Hot water) makes it a little bit more difficult to remove the stain

Roxy xx

you place it in water for 1 day and let it soak. when you come back to it, make sure you have gloves on, rub it with soap and water. rinse it and place in a washing machine to semi-dry, then hang it up and put it in the next load.


Just let it soak in hot water


If it is a small stain then Stain Devils by Carbona is the best thing I found. It's in a small yellow bottle and they have ones for different types.


Hot water + salt + baking soda + something to add all that together in and hold ur underwear in+ leave to soak for a day or 2 + wash it out after = clean underwear

Hayley Wolin

Warm water and soap


Use hot water, like very hot, and soap, hand wash in sink and then usually whatever doesn't come out with the hot water and soap will come out in the wash.


Not hot water! That sets the stain. Use cold water and a little dawn soap. Then add hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for a bit. It will turn white once it touches the stain. And scrub just a bit, rinse and repeat. Then wash as normal.


I just use cold water and sometimes soap. So basically hand wash your underwear.


DO NOT use warm water, that will make it stay more, kind of like the way nail polish hardens in cold water. Use cold water and some detergent, then let it sit


Liquid nappysan (pink oxy action) straight on the stain asap. Leave for 5 minutes. Wash as normal.


If you happen to be home, change underwear asap! I usually hand wash it because the sooner you clean it, the faster it comes out.

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Here is what I do. Soak your undies in cold water (Or just let cold water pour on the part where the blood is) for at least 5 minutes. Ring out under wear to get some of the water out. Then, if there is any blood still on the fabric, pour hydrogen peroxide on it. Let that sit on until it stops bubbling. (Normally 3 minutes but depends on amount.) Then throw it in the washer machine, and after washing it it should come out. Bonus, if it like really heavy blood, spray a bit of stain remover on it before washing.

Lil B

Hydrogen peroxide


Cold water and hand soap😂😂 good luck!


I find that the best way to get a stain out is to first use hydrogen peroxide and water and then bleach them it works for me every time no matter the color of the underwear or how much blood is on it


Body wash and water


I usually throw them away and buy the cheap pairs in the bulk pack to wear only during my cycle


Peroxide is the best to get the blood from your underwear and wash immediately in lemon scented dawn dish soap it works great and it may sound gross but an old toothbrush really helps scrub out the stains. I’m 47 and have yet to hit menopause and still have oopsies when I’m on my period the second day, I get really heavy bleeding ,especially when I’m standing and then the 3rd day hits it starts to get lighter,I guess I’m getting closer to hitting menopause I guess, At least I hope so because I’ve had enough and I’m ready for the last big change in life! I’ve got 2 kids 10 years apart and I’m ready to be done with it all.I hope this all helps.


Cold water or your own spit.



Rebecca E

Cold water and soap


lemon juice


Wash with cold water


Cold Water in washing machine it works perfectly.

Zoe b

Oxy-clean works miracles


Depending on how much, it’s okay to throw away a pair if you need to too! I do it too so I don’t ever have to worry about the stain again.


Cold water and bar soap. Always works for me😊


OMG, ice cold water...NOT hot, hot water sets stains. Rinse and scrub the fabric together under cold water as soon as possible then soak in cold water, this always works for me.


Rinse the blood out with water first then use soap. When you use soap directly without rinsing first, the blood stain seems to not go.


Cold water gets blood right out of the clothing item.


Soap and water


Try out the new tide sticks i heard it works very well they are also small so you can put one in your purse or bag or something


Have you tried putting salt in cold water and leave it overnight? I did and it helped. Try it


Soap and hot water works great!


Cold water soak
Baking soda
Rub hard
Clean ASAP


Ice cube with i e cold water running over it at same time


If it is fresh cold water removes all stain instantly


Soak it in cold water


1. Rinse the blood out as best you can with cold water.
2. Apply Murphy’s Oil Soap to the stain. (A dialysis nurse taught me this trick for getting out blood stains.)
3. Rub the soap into the stain.
4. Leave to soak in cold water.
5. Rinse.
6. Check that the stain is gone. If it is, throw them in the wash. If it isn’t, repeat steps 2-5 until it is. It usually is all gone in the first try.

This trick also works with jeans, pajama pants, and sheets. Good luck!


Oxyclean and hot water. Always works


I heard cold water actually works.


i’ve heard that soaking stained underwear with coke for a couple of hours makes the stains go away VERY quickly. So what you do is you soak the underwear in coke (the gas in coke makes it easier to take out the stain) then after a couple of hours u take it out and rinse off with hot water. I’ve personally never tried it before but my friends did and apparently it works


Hot water,bucket,and some vanish gold two cups of that in the hot water then you throw what ever you need to throw in let it soak over night and chuck it in the wash if the stain still isn’t out then do the whole thing again


I never knew about the cold water setting a stain, handy to know thanks!

I use shampoo to wash my underwear then rinse and put in the washing machine as normal afterwards.


I remove it with cold water and soap


Use peroxide and then wash out.....ole skool method.....


Hot water and salt. You can get special period panties as well, it helps a lot. In public u might want to buy a stain pen




You Are Actually Supposed To Use COLD Water && Hydrogen Peroxide


Use oxiclean pre wash stain remover. Just spray it on the stain, let it soak in and then wash it after it is dried


I use a big yellow soap bar called Lirio to wash any old or new stain, with cold water works best for me.I even wash my vaginal area ,I have been using it for years and has worked great for me.U could also use a pink soap bar called Zote for the stains. But now that I read that salt and peroxide work hey why not try it!hope this helps!🤗


So I have steps I use
1: spray with Shout
2:let stand 5 mins
3: put in washer with extra soap and hottest water setting the material will stand
P.S. resolve the pet stain cleaner works really well too


Really? My washing machine says cold water for blood.


Soap and cold water... rinse then scrub soap in


Put them in cold water


Rinse with cool water then put one squirt of shampoo on the rub together then rinse and let it dry in dryer


Cold water


Soak in very cold water and rub it together

Olivia S

I usually use either hot or cold water and soap and scrub it out using my hands


I use hydrogen peroxide, pour until it bubbles then soak. When I stain bed sheets, I add a bit of alcohol in the end when the blood stain is not anymore visible to deflect the “chlorine-like” smell of the peroxide


Cold water, or put ice on it

🌸Anonymous 🍃

When it happened to me my boyfriend soaked it in cold water and vinegar whiles giving it a light scrub ... then throw it to wash

Anonymus 11

You can even use a tide to go stick if your on the go.


Leave it in the cold water for 30 min then wash it.


Cold water and soap.


Black underwear. *Mic drop*


Just plain Ivory soap and hot water! I once started my period on my new boyfriends white sheets in his military dorm room (the most embarrassing thing that Could ever happen to me) but my friend and I were able to use Ivory Soap and water and cleaned every bit of the bright red blood away before he even came back for lunch. I highly recommend IVORY soap!


Cold water


Don’t use hot water because that sets the stain in. Use warm or cool water.


If it fresh (that sounds weird but hey) run under COLD WATER (if in hot water it makes the stain stay) and rub the underwair in the water then just put it in the wash . Good luck


I use soap and water and rub the fabric together till it comes out


Cold Water and Hydrogen Peroxide ❤️


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With my mother working in the ER my whole life and me now dental. We have always used hydrogen peroxide. It works wonder!


Cold water.