Why cant i get an orgasm in penetration


I’m 24, in a serious relationship. He’s my first sexual partner and I am worried because I can’t come when having intercourse. I do have orgasms with oral sex through clitorial stimulation. What can I do ? Does anybody else experience the same ?


Have you tried a vibrator or something similar? If you’re iffy on that maybe have him try to touch your breasts while intercourse and you stimulate your clit.
Also I would try masturbating- then you can figure out yourself to know what works best

It took me forever to have an orgasm with just intercourse. We needed a lot of foreplay to help me out. We found starting with a vibrator for a bit then ending with intercourse helps the best.
Good luck!


That’s totally normal! Tbh the only way to orgasm is through clittoral stimulation ( the clit extends inside you and can kinda get stimulated through penetrative sex, but directly touching the clit is way for effective for lots of people. You can find diagrams of the full clit online). I’ve cum through penetrative sex with one partner but not others. It’s fine and normal. Your partner and you shouldn’t feel bad that it’s not happening that way. You know what works for your body so do that!


I have this issue too. I’m currently seeking advice