Why cant i get an orgasm in penetration


I’m 24, in a serious relationship. He’s my first sexual partner and I am worried because I can’t come when having intercourse. I do have orgasms with oral sex through clitorial stimulation. What can I do ? Does anybody else experience the same ?


Have you tried a vibrator or something similar? If you’re iffy on that maybe have him try to touch your breasts while intercourse and you stimulate your clit.
Also I would try masturbating- then you can figure out yourself to know what works best

It took me forever to have an orgasm with just intercourse. We needed a lot of foreplay to help me out. We found starting with a vibrator for a bit then ending with intercourse helps the best.
Good luck!


That’s totally normal! Tbh the only way to orgasm is through clittoral stimulation ( the clit extends inside you and can kinda get stimulated through penetrative sex, but directly touching the clit is way for effective for lots of people. You can find diagrams of the full clit online). I’ve cum through penetrative sex with one partner but not others. It’s fine and normal. Your partner and you shouldn’t feel bad that it’s not happening that way. You know what works for your body so do that!


in women, orgasm-inducing nerves are located not in the vagina, but in the clitoris, the little nub of tissue that sits a few inches north of the vaginal opening nestled under the upper junction of the vaginal lips. Intercourse provides some women with enough clitoral stimulation to elicit orgasm, which is why half of the women reported orgasms from just intercourse. But intercourse—even extended, vigorous intercourse—provides only a little direct clitoral stimulation, which is why half the women didn’t have orgasms from just the old in-out.


Use a vibrator while he’s inside you that works for me . I have a hard time having an orgasm during oral sex

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Change positions to achieve different angles of entry until you find one that works.


It’s really hard for me to cum during sex too. You have to find a position that stimulates your clitoris. For me it’s cowgirl. But he has to pull his pelvis up in order for his pelvic bone to hit it just either. No other position does it for me.


I would suggest you to try clit stimulation during the penetration and find the right position for you. For example, I get it on “happy baby” yoga position penetration.

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Yes my dear, I am having the same issue, I’m 29 and I’m in my first time to have a boyfriend and a serous one for that. We are now 8 months together and I haven’t had orgasm before. When I was living in the dormitory alone sometimes I touch myself and I can cum but when I started having sex after my 28th birthday with my boyfriend now, I haven’t cum during penetration and I wonder why.
Why I can only cum during clit stimulation.


Try to add things into the bedroom there is a possibility he’s not hitting your gspot you can get toys or a c ring that vibrates, maybe try different types of lube that add sensations and just be open and honest with you partner the more you guys are open and honest with each other the better your sex can be.... speaking from experience try the vibrating c-ring 😉


First of all it’s normal! Don’t worry, stimulation of the clit will help, but you may not be able to cum because of certain types of medication, for example anti-depressants, but it could also be your just not comfortable, work on relaxing and creating a relaxing environment. If your seriously struggling talk to your doctor!


95% of women do not orgasm through penetrative sex alone - you are perfectly normal. If you would like to be able to orgasm during penetration try combining clitoral stimulation with penetration


Start to explore your body, use toys and open communication with your partner. There is a G spot internally but you have to just be open with your partner.


This is completely normal. It’s less likely for women to cum while having intercourses than with clitoral stimulation because that’s is where our greatest amount of nerve endings are. Vaginal intercourse will only bring on an orgam when the clitoris is sufficiently engaged or a G spot orgasm but the G spot is an extension of the clitoris but inside so manual stimulation might be best for that since it will take a little bit of searching to find your sweet spot


Same here. It is not normal for me to come during inter course. Your partner will likely be or become an oral master! Nothing wrong with that!

If you really want to have orgasm during sex, my only advice is to practice with dildos, and then also figure out where to put your legs, for me, I need my legs close together, with manual stimulation of the clitoris while having inter course, usually with my hips raised and him kneeling with me on my back squeezing knees together.


It’s actually pretty rare for women to cum through penetration, so don’t worry about it too much. Just make sure you continue to get orally stimulated!