bacne.. chest bumps.. and acne


I don’t have bad acne but I am VERY self conscious about it.. I have red bumps on my back and chest but never turn to zits and maybe 2 zits at a time on my forehead.. any tips for my back and chest?


Yes! This is really similar to me I have got spots like that on my back and a little on my chest. I think it is quite normal to have a little bit - (everyone does). I find moisturizer definitely helps and make sure you wash properly everyday. Hope this helps xx


Anti-bacterial hand soap helps great with acne. The main cause of acne is bacteria and the soap had really helped me.


Same !!! The brand Cetaphil gentle wash helps a lot and it’s really cheap ! It usually goes almost all the way gone in at least 2 weeks. Good luck ! You are beautiful even with the bumps and they are totally normal !