I don’t understand my body, I wake up with a completely flat stomach and then the second I even drink or eat a little I blow up like a balloon. This isn’t just on my period btw this is all the time ?! I have a low metabolism but i don’t think that makes much a difference. It’s just so random I spend all day with rolls and fat but first thing in the morning I have abs


Same here! It’s so annoying. Any ideas how to get rid of this?


i get that. it sucks bc if i have something to wear that’s fitted and with no support i either eat nothing all day (not healthy) or suck in the entire night which doesn’t make ya feel too nice. what i’ve found that works decently is drinking water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in it throughout the day, once you get over the strange taste it calms down bloating a bit


This happens to me too !!


Could it be what your eating? I was eating super healthy for a while- think paleo-ish. I never felt bloated or nasty. Then went back to regular food. I never realized how nasty I feel after eating a high carb or fatty meal. I found out later I have a slight gluten sensitivity. But man was I getting bloated after even eating processed foods which can sneak in chemicals and sometimes gluten and such.

Check out what you’re eating and make a log and see if eating certain things causes you to bloat