Wtf dude


So this guy I’ve been dating for a month (I’m 18 he’s 21) surprises me with a night on the town and we go to the fair (I live in Texas) and the end of the night he PROPOSES people are staring and clapping and I am literally about to cry not because I’m happy BECAUSE I’m not ready for this...basically I said yes only cause I didn’t wanna embarrass him we got back to the car and I explained the situation to him but he still doesn’t get it HELP


Tell him you don’t want to get married until you have all your schooling including college tell him you want to wait at least three years if he likes you that much he will wait and support you


I’ve explained to him in every way I could how much I care and respect him but he still thinks I want to marry him his words literally “so after you graduate we can get married?”
I’m just at a lost and honestly in awe

Sophia Forever

How does this have to deal with period stuff??


If you read the conversation properly Sophia then you would know that it doesn’t relate to period issues

Bidisha Biswas

if u don’t want to get married.. then just tell him.. be forward and bold.. and if he still doesn’t get it.. then break up .. cause this is gonna get worse..and breaking up is the only option...


He can’t force you to marry him so try explaining that you’re not ready and he will understand if he really loves you


He’s not respecting you by ignoring your explanations. Be firm, tell him you don’t know what you will want then. Tell him you care for him, but aren’t ready for he commitment of a promise of marriage. If he doesn’t listen, he’s a jerk and he doesn’t respect you. If he’s a jerk who doesn’t care how you feel, you’re better off without him.


Honestly, if he can’t listen to you he’s not worth wasting your time on. No matter how much you like each other do you really want to be with a guy who would catch you off guard like that in public then proceed to ignore your concerns? If he’s not listening to you now it will only get worse. I’d run far away.


If he is really that serious about you then he will wait as long as he has to. I am a little concerned that regardless of what you have explained and said to him he doesn’t seem to respecter even want to consider seeing it from your point of view because he is so dead set on his point of view. If he truly cares and wants to spend his life with you then he will wait and eventually I hope stop being so pushy and insistent on only what he wants for the both of you. Marriage is a two way street and compromise, understanding and caring what your significant other thinks and feels is extremely important. Him wanting to rush into things and not taking your thoughts or feelings into account no matter how many times you tell him shows he might need to mature a little bit more before he considers getting married and pressuring you into something you both aren’t ready for.